ADÌẸ, (Chicken)

Timeless master of the morning dew,
King of the streets, tyrant of our steaming stews
Your cacophonous yawn at dawn,
Calms, our sonorous snores 
Ẹni tí kí owurọ*,
Your flaming crown,
Seduces the hen for a second mount
A mount, for ten shelled mouths.

Òrìsà adìẹ*,
Servant of Baba Odùduwà,
Forerunner of the gods.
One whose blood, waters  Ògún’s path
Sacred being of Oṣùn’s ancestry
You caress aiye* with your bony mouth,
And with your feet,
You scratch his craw-crawed back

Feminist of the streets,
Carrying the male when he comes to plunge
Mother of vinegar,
You taste the sour sweetness of genocidal enjoyment,
Watching the sure demise of husband and child
With your pulsating buttocks,
You fill our bellies
With children, birthed to death

Once again I beat the elegiac drums,
And sing with voice, phlegmed with tears
I beat the elegiac tunes,
With your bones, littered on this sickening streets
Ọrẹ tí ẹ̀dá ènìyàn*
Best friend of man

Adieu Adìẹ.

-Àkùkọ- a male chicken (Cock)
-Ẹni tí kí owurọ- one who greets the morning.
-Òrìsà adìẹ- Chicken of the gods
-Aiye- the earth
-Ọrẹ tí ẹ̀dá ènìyàn: Friend of man